The Lighthouse Primer: An Introduction to Our Compelling Beacons

Twenty-six essential lighthouse topics, one for each letter of the alphabet, are explained in an easy to understand format. With over 100 full color photos, The Lighthouse Primer fuels a deeper understanding and appreciation of lighthouse history, culture and innovation. Written by Marie A. Blunt with photographs by Allan W. Blunt, all proceeds of this book are used for lighthouse preservation efforts.



An Alphabetical Hike Through the Peaceful Woods

Explore Camp Friedenswald’s flora and fauna across four seasons and five ecosystems. This full color stroll through twenty-six alphabetical themes (from Amphibians to Zero Waste) was compiled by Marie A. Blunt with multiple collaborative contributors.  Beautiful photographs by Allan W. Blunt make this a visual delight and a welcome addition to anyone’s coffee table. All proceeds of this book support Camp Friedenswald.



Camp Friedenswald’s Seasons: A Pictorial Peek

Enter into the annual rhythm of life at Camp Friedenswald through this stunning collection of photos by Allan W. Blunt. From winter to spring, summer to fall, and back to winter, the reader of this collection of pictures will be immersed in the beauty and wonder of life in the peaceful woods. Photos range from up-close perspectives of insects and birds, to the faces of smiling campers, to aerial photos of the land and waterways that make up Camp Friedenswald.



Toilets: Places I Went (working title)

(coming soon)

This alphabetical production supports the whimsical side of its author. Fans simply can’t wait to read about toilets from A to Z (A is for Astronaut Toilets, B is for Bidet, C is for Chamber Pot and so on.)