Lighthouse Lecturer

Since the passing of the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act even more people are becoming aware of lighthouses not only for their historical value but also for their spectacular engineering feats, important economic role, and rich people-stories.  Lighthouses are fascinating!

Marie A. Blunt, experienced lighthouse lecturer, has personally visited over 450 lighthouses, serves as a volunteer lighthouse docent, and authored the popular book The Lighthouse Primer: An Introduction to Our Compelling Beacons. Her teaching style is engaging, informative, and tailored to the unique needs of each audience. Vibrant full color photos taken by her photographer husband accompany each lecture. By combining captivating storytelling with interactive demonstrations, she strives to create an immersive learning experience leaving a lasting impact on participants.

How might your group benefit from a lighthouse lecture? Consider one (or more) of these topics, or suggest additional ideas:

Introduction to Lighthouses




Basic Lighthouse History




Yesterday’s Navigation Technology




Lighthouse Architecture




Lighthouse Keepers: Yesterday and Today




To explore the possibility of a lighthouse program for your organization contact us.

Upcoming Lectures:

  • Nov 2023–Michigan City Exchange Club (IN)
  • Jan 2024–McHenry County College (IL)
  • Feb 2024–McHenry County College (IL)
  • Mar 2024–Oak Island Lighthouse (NC)
  • Mar 2024–McHenry County College (IL)
  • July 2024–Port Washington Historical Society (WI) pending