Lighthouse Cutout Kits®: Paper Crafting for GrownUps

  • These models are great! Why are you giving them away for FREE?

We love lighthouses.  Should you just happen to fall in love with lighthouses while modeling one of our Lighthouse Cutout Kits® we will be happy. (Perhaps even ecstatic!)


  • Can I substitute a different cardstock weight?

Some modelers have done so with varying levels of success.


  • Can I use any kind of glue?

Using thin “school glue” such as Elmer’s will not set very fast. Glue sticks don’t adhere securely. Both are guaranteed to cause significant frustration for the modeler.


  • I don’t have red (or black) string. What should I do?

Place a piece of regular white household string on a piece of scrap paper then run a red (or black) permanent Sharpie pen along the string, twisting the string to cover all the sides. Let it dry then repeat for better color coverage. Red (or black) yarn can also be used.


  • I don’t have a round push pin. What can I substitute?

Any small round ball may be substituted in place of a round push pin.  Consider using a craft bead, the top of a swizzle stick, a corsage pin, even a piece of something lurking in the bottom of the junk drawer. Color with a permanent marker, liquid white-out, paint, or fingernail polish. Be creative, but try to keep in mind an appropriate scale.


  • This darned model just isn’t coming together! What should I do?

Here are some basic pointers: To avoid frustration, use a good quality, fast drying glue. Paper clips can make handy clamps to hold pieces in place while glue dries. Pencils and rulers can be finger extenders when you can’t reach to secure a tab.

Some modelers like a sharp pointed triangular shaped tab to slide into a slot. Others feel the point curls too easily and prefer a trapezoid or flat topped tab.  Simply snip off the point if you find it easier.

If the model isn’t fitting together easily for any reason, leave the project and return to it after a rest period. After all, you should be having fun! Are you still stuck after a break? Contact us!


  • Are all the models scaled 12:1?

While accurately scaled to represent an actual lighthouse, the scale is not the same from model to model rather scaled to best portray each lighthouse within the boundaries of standard 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock.


  • Can I print these kits and sell them to raise money for my nonprofit organization?

Should you be clever enough to devise a way to utilize a Lighthouse Cutout Kit® for your nonprofit organization’s fund/friend raising efforts you may do so.  Of course, you may not personally benefit from their sale. Having said that, if you would like to incorporate a custom made Lighthouse Cutout Kit®  into your non-profit organization’s upcoming event, or schedule a guest speaker kindly reach out to us to begin a conversation. Contact us!

  • Do you offer kits other than lighthouse models?

Nope.  But others do and some offer their models of cars, buildings, animals, and such on their own free sites.