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Lighthouse Cutout Kits:®  Paper Crafting for GrownUps  

Our collection of Lighthouse Cutout Kits have options for every skill level: easy, intermediate and advanced.

Our Lighthouse Cutout Kits®  bring a bit of joy and “light” into the world. We have created and copyrighted them for your FREE personal use. They may not be sold for profit.  Kindly be a good sport about this.

SCALE: While accurately scaled to represent an actual lighthouse, the scale is not necessarily the same from model to model (eg 12:1) rather scaled to best portray each lighthouse within the boundaries of standard 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock.

SUPPLIES: While each Lighthouse Cutout Kit® contains a unique supply list required for its completion, here’s a generic list of supplies.

SKILL LEVEL: Building techniques across all the models are similar; however, they are categorized into three skill levels: easyintermediate, and advanced.